RBconsult Ltd.

Robert Bain Managing Director Oak Tree Cottage
Long Barn Road
Sevenoaks Weald
TN14 6NH
United Kingdom

Locate 01732463314 http://www.robbain.com

RBconsult is a small independent consultancy focused on transportation. The company is run by Robert Bain. Based in London, Rob works internationally providing technical, commercial, financial and credit-related advisory services to banks, institutional investors, insurance companies, infrastructure funds, IFIs and government agencies. The company specialises in undertaking rigorous, independent audits (peer reviews) of forecasts - demand and revenue projections - for road and rail projects.

Rob has held senior positions in both the engineering and financial services sectors. For 15 years he worked as a traffic and transportation consultant for public and private sector clients in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. In 2002 he joined the Infrastructure Finance Ratings practice at Standard & Poor’s specialising in transportation and PPP credits. Having completed a PhD in private finance (Leeds, 2008), Rob established RBconsult with an emphasis on investor support.

Outside RBconsult, Rob is retained by the University of Leeds as a part-time lecturer and Visiting Research Fellow. Rob’s research interests include transport demand modelling, forecasting accuracy and predictive reliability. He has published extensively on these topics (see info@robbain.com for more details). As an internationally-recognised academic and authority in his field, Rob is regularly engaged as an expert witness in arbitration and litigation cases by global law firms.

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