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Baez Consulting, LLC Gustavo Baez President 706 Nocona Court
Allen, TX 75013
United States

Locate 214-864-3619


Baez Consulting, LLC specializes in evaluating the feasibility of transportation projects. Gustavo Baez, president, has more than twenty years' experience in toll feasibility studies, travel demand modeling, congestion pricing, risk analysis, data analytics, dynamic pricing algorithms, peer review, equity analysis, transportation planning and traffic simulation. Mr. Baez has facilitated more than $10 billion in bond financing for toll projects in the United States. Gustavo has managed and directed toll projects for toll authorities such as the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority, the North Texas Tollway Authority, the Texas Turnpike Authority Division of TxDOT, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority; and for private investors such as OHL Infrastructure, CINTRA Developments, Zachary Construction, Kiewit Development Company, Skanska; and for financial advisors such as RBC Capital Markets, Estrada Hinojosa, and First Southwest Company. Download Brochure.

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Gustavo Baez

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