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Lindsay Corporation Brittany Russell Marketing Associate 18135 Burke St Ste 100
Elkhorn, NE 68022-4414
United States

Locate +1 (616) 994-2389

Lindsay is moving the world forward by creating the most innovative products and fully integrated systems by reimagining safety and sustainability. Whether looking to reconfigure a roadway or install lifesaving additions, Lindsay infrastructure options strive to keep roads and the people on them moving safely. The Road Zipper System manages congestion and traffic patterns with the industry’s most unique and innovative solution. RoadConnect, a remote roadside asset monitoring platform, gives you the ability to remotely monitor key road and highway assets such as crash cushions, guardrails, end terminals, utility poles, bridge structures and more. RoadConnect allows for an increase in the speed and reliability of roadside maintenance, saves time and money while also improving road safety. Barrier Systems products protect motorists and work crews with a complete range of crash cushions, end terminals and TMAs. Snoline products improve lane navigation, visibility and safety by combining traffic signs with road marking tape and accessories.

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