A-to-Be, powered by Brisa

A-to-Be, powered by Brisa Luis Nunes Chief Operating Officer Lagoas Park
Edificio15, Piso 4
2740-267 Porto Salvo Lisboa

Locate 00351214233400 http://www.a-to-be.com

A-to-Be is a technology provider responsible for the development and deployment of advanced tolling and mobility solutions across global transportation markets. Part of Brisa Group (the largest private road operator in Portugal) and with a U.S. subsidiary based in Illinois, A-to-Be is an international company with solutions deployed across multiple states, countries and continents. For over 40 years, A-to-Be has provided leading end-to-end tolling solutions, covering from roadside to backoffice and all the different tolling modes, including RUC. Today, we are enablers of integrated mobility experiences through a backoffice platform which supports a single mobility account. We also provide solutions to reduce congestion, such as Managed Lanes and Congestion Pricing. With billions of annual transactions and travelers using our systems internationally, we build innovative solutions, with exciting research lines. Our technologies drive mobility forward.

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