A-to-Be, powered by Brisa

A-to-Be, powered by Brisa Luis Nunes Chief Sales Officer Quinta da Torre da Aguilha
Edificio Brisa
2785-599 São Domingos de Rana

Locate 00351214233400 http://www.a-to-be.com

A-to-Be is a Portuguese-based company powered by Brisa (its major shareholder) responsible for developing and delivering solutions to mobility service operators internationally. For over 40 years, the company has provided leading tolling, traffic management, smart city, and revenue assurance solutions across Europe and the United States. Annually, A-to-Be's roadside and backoffice process over 600 million transactions, managing more than 7 million customer accounts. A-to-Be provides a multitude of tolling solutions including self-service, electronic and satellite, as well as solutions connected directly to your smart device. Our solutions are vendor-independent, plug-and-pay and can be diversified to provide payment options for parking, public transport, fuel, and other MaaS value-added solutions. A-to-Be is what you've been looking for: a company that was born as an operator; one that knows first-hand how things work in the field; and a company adept at serving multiple operators, achieving success from system design to payment clearance.

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