ASFINAG René Moser Senior EU and International Affairs Manager Rotenturmstrasse 5-9
1011 Vienna

Locate 0043-50108-10004

ASFINAG was founded in 1982 and is responsible for the management of the entire Austrian turnpike network. The network consists of 2,200 km (1,400 miles) of highways, more than 160 tunnels and nearly 5,200 bridges. ASFINAG is solely user-financed. Its primary source of revenues are tolls, time-based for light vehicles and distance-based for heavy vehicles. ASFINAG’s core tasks include highway operation, maintenance, construction management and toll collection as well as traffic management. ASFINAG and its 2,700 employees are committed to provide responsible and long-term solutions by using new technologies and innovations to make Austria’s highways the safest and most modern in Europe.

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