Invision AI, Inc.

Karim Ali CEO 2 Carlton Street, suite 1510
Toronto ON M5B 1J3

Locate 1-647-478-6050

Invision AI enables edge devices, such as remote cameras and other sensors in the field, to interpret the world around them without relying on costly hardware or cloud connections. We provide real-world three- dimensional situational awareness - including 3-D detection, geo-localized tracking across sensors and sensor fusion. Invision is designed for applications where speed, cost and privacy are paramount. The Invision platform has been applied successfully to multiple applications: ‒ Vehicle Occupancy Detection – We have built the world-leading solution to count passengers in vehicles from road-side, reporting 99.7% precision compared to competing solutions at 78%. Solution was tested and validated by Transurban. Partnership with Ariel Wimasor (Israel). Upcoming deployments in Ontario and Virginia. ‒ Intersection Monitoring – We have the only solution on market to deploy multiple cameras across intersections to monitor speed, reversing, wrong direction or stopped vehicles. Deployment with Olympia Odos.

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