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SWC Group Jeff Hurt CEO 4120 International Parkway, Suite 1100
Carrollton, TX 75007
United States

Locate (972)300-1700 http://www.swcgroup.com

SWC brings proven experience in the highway toll, government, utility, telecommunications, cable, property management and education industries. Over the past 40 years, we have partnered with numerous clients to maximize the management of their accounts receivable, annually managing billions of dollars. From large Fortune 500 companies to small organizations, SWC has a proven history of connecting to understand the client’s challenges, developing solutions that resolve receivables concerns, and delivering desired results. In addition to tradition accounts receivable management, SWC has also provided staff augmentation and 1st party customer service activities specifically in the tolling market. SWC also developed a guaranteed toll solution for video transactions, known as TollMaxx (tollmaxx.com). TollMaxx offers toll agencies the opportunity to leverage the capabilities and efficiencies of large volumes to reduce cost, eliminate collection risks and improve customer experience!

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