SEOPAN (Asociación de Empresas Constructoras y Concesionarias de Infraestructuras)

SEOPAN Bruno de la Fuente Director of Construction, Concessions and Water Technologies Diego de Leon, 50 - 4ª Planta
28006 Madrid

Locate 349-156-30504

SEOPAN, Association of Infrastructure Contractor and Concessionaires, was created in 1957 with the objective of actively promoting investments in infrastructure, in addition to advocating for public/private collaboration projects as decisive elements for competitiveness and economic growth in Spain. In 2014, it merged its activities with ASETA (Spanish Association of Motorways, Tunnels, Bridges and Other Toll Road Concessionaire Companies) and ATTA (Technical Association for Water Treatment) in order to take advantage of synergies, strengthen the defense of its members, expand its national and international activity and increase its representation. The new organisation is made up of 11 business groups and 61 companies dedicated to the construction and management of public infrastructure through concessions. Out of all of them, six are listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. Together, the affiliates represent a production volume of nearly 80 billion euros, providing employment to more than 450,000 people. SEOPAN aims to encourage and defend private initiative, a market economy, free enterprise in the construction sector, infrastructure and water technology concessions, and to protect the common interests of its affiliates before public administrations, institutions and society, in addition to representing them both in Spain and abroad.

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