Q-Free Trisha Tunilla Vice President of Marketing P. O. Box 3974 Leangen
7443 Trondheim

Locate +47 73 82 65 00 http://www.q-free.com

Q-Free is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Smart Mobility solutions with vast experience in all aspects of transportation – tolling, traffic management, and connected ITS (C-ITS)/connected vehicles. Whether creating a better experience for drivers, boosting infrastructure revenues, or improving road safety, Q-Free is changing the movements of life. With 35+ years of global tolling experience, Q-Free’s solutions have the highest automation and accuracy rates for license plate recognition – saving time and money over sending images off for manual image review. Processing more than one billion license plates every day around the world, we are experts in analyzing video-based toll transactions to maximize toll revenues. Q-Free’s tolling technologies are scalable from a single road to an entire country or region. We work with you to provide the most efficient and effective tolling solution every step of the way – from conception to realization and ongoing operation.

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