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SICK, Inc. Kelly Gillitzer Senior Events Manager 6900 West 110th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55438
United States

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SICK, an industry world leading provider of LiDAR technology, introduces another method of providing a safe road to travel on and at the same time, create a green environment to live in. Leveraging our knowledge and expertise in LiDAR based vehicle classification and vision based solutions, SICK has combined the two technologies to count axles from above vehicle travel lanes. Eliminating the need for costly, intrusive inroad axle counting sensors, allows for ease in maintenance and installation. Diverse redundant technologies keep the traffic and revenue collecting going even in the most severe weather conditions. SICK is known throughout the world for its LIDAR technology and now strives to be known for RADAR technology as well, by deploying SICK’s state of the art RADAR sensor and edge gateway to detect and alert a wrong way driver. See SICK’s other solutions in transportation, railway and transit by visiting our traffic homepage.

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