Applegreen Ltd

Joe Barrett CEO 208 Harristown Rd Ste 102
Glen Rock, NJ 07452-3306


Applegreen Electric has a proven track record in the design and operation of world class EV charging facilities with over 500 EV Fast Charging bays in operation on our estate across the US, UK and Ireland. Applegreen Electric provides over 500,000 fast charging sessions to customers per year in a rapidly growing transition to more sustainable transport fuels with a range of partners including Tesla, Ecotricity, Chargepoint and others. Applegreen Electric currently provides over 60% of the total DC fast charging capacity on the UK Highway Service Plaza network and 90% of the Tesla Supercharger charging infrastructure on the UK Highway network. The market share of other EV’s from household name brands such as Ford, VW, Nissan and GM are rising rapidly as they build on the pioneering work of Tesla and as the EV ecosystem moves to the next phase of mass market adoption. In 2019 Applegreen commenced owning and operating universal access EV charging bays. This provides a seamless customer experience to all customers and ensures all EV drivers have equal open access to fast chargers irrespective of the EV car brand or model they choose to drive.

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