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Chandler Asset Management Mel Hamilton SVP, Relationship Manager 6225 Lusk Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92121
United States

Locate 800-317-4747

Since 1988, public agencies have trusted Chandler Asset Management to manage their treasury funds and bond proceeds, while first considering the safety and liquidity of their investments. Our knowledgeable and well-resourced team combines quantitative analysis with their own qualitative insights to structure portfolios that meet each of our client’s investment objectives and enhance the potential for higher returns. Chandler has extensive experience providing investment management services to a variety of public agencies, including transportation authorities, insurance pools and other special districts. We have the size and scale to offer our clients state-of-the-art resources, technology and investment expertise. At the same time, we provide highly personalized service, investing the time to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with each client in order to fully serve their needs and ensure that each receives value and service that exceed expectations.

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