Gannett Fleming

Gannett Fleming Jeff Weiss Senior Toll Consultant One Centennial Avenue
Building C, Suite 201
Piscataway, NJ 08854
United States

Locate (717)763-7211

For over 100 years, Gannett Fleming has shaped transportation infrastructure, connecting people and communities around the world. We provide clients with extensive transportation advisory, planning, design, and construction management services. With an eye on innovative strategies to improve systems and financial sustainability, Gannett Fleming works with clients to address today’s challenges and advance future mobility. With expertise in tolling and other pricing systems, we help define, deliver and test electronic, open-road, variable and dynamic systems. Additionally, our concepts and solutions help reduce administrative burden, accelerate projects, provide a single point of responsibility, and, in some cases, achieve faster revenue collection for owners. Gannett Fleming’s entire team works together to deliver excellence to every project, every day.

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