Brisa Innovation

Brisa Innovation Luis Nunes Chief Operating Officer Quinta Torre da Aguilha
Edificio Brisa
2785-599 São Domingos de Rana

Locate 351214233400

Brisa Innovation solution lines are Tolling, Traffic Management, Smart Urban Mobility and Revenue Assurance, spread across over 2,000 miles in 20 highways and 150 clients. We deliver roadside systems for more than 1,200 tolling lanes, 250 motorway lanes and 120 parking lots, in Europe and America, from tolling systems to tunnel automation solutions, including fuel stations integration, automotive payment systems in McDonalds’® restaurants and maritime ferries services. Annually, we process over half a billion transactions in tolling sites, over 1 billion car detections in road sensors and devices, around 10 million in parking accesses, half million for fuel stations, ferries and McDonalds'®. The most recent contracts in the USA are Southern Connector (SC), and Northwest Parkway (CO), including video-tolling, ETC and Backoffice for Denver’s GO-PASS.

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